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Clinical Waste

Clinical Waste can be extremely hazardous, so it is essential your waste is disposed of correctly, safely and efficiently. Call Trade Waste today for our clinical waste disposal services throughout the UK.

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Clinical Waste Disposal

Clinical waste can be any type of waste which is potentially harmful to human life or the environment. It could be anything from used needles to human tissue or pharmaceutical swabs. Here at Trade Waste, we offer a complete disposal service for all forms of clinical waste, allowing you to safely get rid of any hazardous materials which you produce as part of your business. We can give you advice and guidance so that you can get the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective service when it comes to collecting and disposing of clinical/ hazardous waste.


Sanitary Waste

We provide a zero to landfill guarantee for your offensive waste to meet the needs of the sanitary waste disposal from your business setting.

Disposal Facility

We take the disposal of waste very seriously with our modern fully licensed disposal facilities.

Infectious Waste

Infectious waste is hazardous and can be a health risk. It needs to be managed and treated appropriately.

Sharps Waste

We take the management and disposal of sharps seriously. It poses significant risk to your work environment.

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Clinical Waste FAQ

Clinical waste is waste products from mainly healthcare and other waste that may cause infection to prove hazardous to someone coming in contact with it. 
Clinical waste is any waste that contains properties that may be harmful to either human health or to the environment. For example, it can include such things as:
•  Animal Tissue
•  Bodily fluids including blood
•  Dressings
•  Drugs
•  Excretions
•  Human Tissue
•  Needles and other sharp implements
•  Pharmaceutical products
•  Swabs
•  Incontinence pads
•  Oxygen masks
•  X- rays
•  Sanitary waste

Other industries that produce clinical waste include dental, chemical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and nursing homes.

We dispose at a registered licensed facility. There are many across the UK and our transfer site is licensed to dispose of certain types of clinical waste.

Offensive waste does not need to be incinerated. The only waste which goes into our High-Temperature Energy Recovery Incineration Facility is a highly-infectious waste.

Depending on what type of clinical waste your produce you will need to segregate the waste. 
There are different types of disposal depending on the bag:
Yellow Bag waste – incineration at a licensed facility
Red Bag waste – high-temperature incineration at a licensed facility
Blue Bag waste - high-temperature incineration at a licensed facility
Orange Bag waste – Sent to disinfection facility 
Purple Bag waste - high-temperature incineration at a licensed facility

To comply with legal guidelines, you must segregate clinical waste at its source. There are different colored bins that must be used for different types of clinical waste. Our team is happy to advise on which types of waste will require certain bins.

Yes, we offer a fully nationwide service. Simply call us to book the services you require!

We aim to complete our jobs within 24 hours or the same day. In some rural areas, it may take longer to complete the collection. Alternatively, you can set up a weekly, biweekly, or rolling monthly collection. We can identify how much waste you produce and advise what schedule to have.

We send you electronic waste transfer notes or duty of care explaining where the waste has been collected and where it will go with our full details. This is emailed to you once the collection is completed.

The Department of Health provides the necessary guidance for the regulations. The Environment Agency is the regulating authority.

There is a big difference between infectious clinical waste and non-infectious clinical waste. Non-infectious clinical waste is deemed offensive waste. Items such as nappies, incontinence pads, or disposable vomit and urine bowls from a non-infectious patient are classed as offensive waste and are suitable to be sent to an Energy from Waste facility.
Infectious waste may, for example, be dressings from a patient or care home resident with an infection or the PPE masks and gowns by the person treating them. Those items must be treated as infectious waste and sent for Alternative Treatment.
Highly infectious materials, such as sharps bins, cytostatic waste, and pharmaceutical waste will go to our High-Temperature Energy Recovery Incineration Facility.
It is imperative to separate your waste correctly as the incineration of infectious waste is up to five times more expensive than the disposal of offensive waste in an Energy from Waste facility. 

All our bins are clearly colored coded and labeled. The bags are even separate colors for ease. We also offer extensive training. When we engage with the staff we like to understand what their views are towards recycling and disposal.

All the vehicles are tracked and weighed and supply the necessary reporting and certification to prove compliance. Our records are accurate, and our customers can have access to a live portal for information. Our system makes it much easier to manage compliance as it can be time-consuming for our customers.

Infectious Clinical Waste – Yellow Lid 
Offensive / Noninfectious Waste – Black and yellow striped container
Pharmaceutical Waste – Blue Lid 

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